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Reasons why Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is important

In case you want to get faster results when you are having therapy sessions with your psychologist, suggest to him or her about cognitive behavioral therapy. When compared to the other types of therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy tends to be brief and time-effective. Both the patient and the psychologist are always very active in this type of therapy, and hence people are always likely to get as much help as they need. At Dr. Christina M. Charlotin California License Clinical Psychologist, cognitive behavioral therapy has been used in treating the patients who have been suffering from mental disorders. Some of the reasons why cognitive behavioral therapy is essential for therapy patients include:

It provides support to patients

For patients who have mental disorders to heal, they require so much psychological support. Cognitive-behavioral therapy provides these patients with the help that they need. They know that they have a psychologist who they can turn to for help whenever they feel like they have issues to deal with. With this in mind, these patients will make corrections to their past behavior and become new people.

It boosts self-esteem

One of the major causes of mental disorder is lack of self-confidence. Cognitive-behavioral therapy helps individuals focus on their problems or their weaknesses and in turn they work towards making themselves better. This helps them in boosting their self-esteem.

It encourages positive thinking

Most patients who have mental disorders often think negatively on every matter that comes into their mind. However, the therapist who conducts the cognitive behavioral therapy at Dr. Christina M. Charlotin California License Clinical Psychologist helps these patients to have a good view of themselves. This helps them appreciate themselves as well as situations, making them become positive thinkers with time.

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