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Ketamine Therapy in California

How Can Ketamine Therapy Help?


Talk therapy provides a transformative opportunity for healing and personal recovery, but sometimes, talking to a skilled therapist might not feel like enough. Perhaps you're someone who genuinely wants to feel happier, less depressed, less anxious, or you want the traumatic experiences from your past to no longer dictate how you feel or respond to certain situations. You may want to have healthier relationships or more consistently behave in ways which are aligned with your personal goals. Perhaps you've already tried therapy in the past and even after putting in consistent effort all while being guided by skilled providers, you're still feeling stuck in some profound ways and having difficulty understanding how to effectively move forward.

Despite having a strong desire to change, it may feel that there's something stronger and out of your control that's holding you back. This is because there are many components in our mind that influence how we feel and behave yet in our normal state of being there are limits in our ability to access and influence these parts of our mind. Ketamine is a safe and legal psychedelic medicine which allows your ability to have a more direct access to the parts of your mind that reinforce depressed mood, anxiety, fear, anger, avoidance, compulsive thinking, addiction, procrastination, and other unwanted emotional experiences and behaviors. When combining a therapeutic ketamine dose with talk therapy, it allows your ability to directly influence these parts of your mind and gear your internal processing in a direction that better serves you.


Most people who have tried this ketamine treatment option describe the psychedelic experience as being euphoric. After one dose many report significant breakthroughs, a lift in mood, or healing from past trauma. When compared to SSRI medications or antidepressants which take 3-6 weeks to kick in, Ketamine allows for an immediate effect and provides a higher success rate without the need for continued use in order to maintain therapeutic gains. This treatment is provided at your own pace where you have the option of starting off with talk therapy and choosing if and when to begin ketamine treatment and whether to start with a microdose to get a feel for the psychedelic experience before deciding to increase to the prescribed dose.


As a psychologist, I offer ketamine assisted therapy to those looking to get more out of therapy, with greater ease and in less time. To see if ketamine assisted therapy is the proper treatment for your symptoms, please contact me through the contact form to schedule a free initial phone consultation to further discuss this treatment option. 

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