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Gen Z Therapist

Reasons why Gen Z therapists are turning to teletherapy

With the high number of qualified and experienced therapists, the number of young therapists who get hired at different places is low. This is because these young therapists do not have offices, and also they are not well known by so many people. In other cases, it is not a surprise for you to find a young therapist who has never been hired to offer her or his services. However, since this young therapist is in Gen Z, they have come up with a different way to provide their services, which they refer to as teletherapy. Teletherapy has helped my young therapists offer their series and get hired by so many people. Therefore, it is essential for the Gen Z therapists in several ways which include:

It ensures that the ay Gen Z therapist is safe

Every Gen Z therapist offers his or her services to the clients through online platforms. Therefore, young therapists can now provide their services without minding about their safety. There is no young therapist who is required to travel from one place to another to meet with a client with teletherapy. Consequently, they can offer their services from their homes or any place they feel relaxed without being exposed to harsh weather conditions or without arriving home very late in the evening after staying too long with a client in the office.

Young therapists can live remotely

As a young therapist, you can live in any place and offer services to clients who live in any place. All that is required is for the client to book an appointment with you, and you can catch up using the agreed platforms. Therefore, the Gen Z therapist does not have to move to towns to offer their services.

It is cheap

The fact that the young psychologist does not have to get an office or move to towns to offer his or her services makes the teletherapy affordable. Therefore, Gen Z therapists have come up with a more affordable way of providing their services.

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