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Black Psychologist

The benefits of having a therapy session with an African-American psychologist

Every human being requires a therapist in one way or another. However, one thing that most people do not know is that the type of therapist that you select to offer you the help that you need will determine whether you will get the help that you need or not. In most cases, people look for therapists who are of their gender since they find it very hard to hire a therapist of the opposite gender. This is because some people find it to be traumatic when they speak about certain topics with psychologists of the opposite sex. Other times the race of the therapist that you hire will also be important in determining the help that you need. This is one reason why most people consider hiring either an American psychologist or an African psychologist. However, African psychologists have proven to offer the best services, and most people will ensure that they hire them whenever they need help. The following are some of the reasons why more and more people are deciding to employ African psychologists instead of American psychologists.

African therapists do not have complicated Trust issues

Today, the medical community has so many cases of racism. Most of the black patients do not get the kid of medical help they need because of their skin color.

When they are hospitalized, they are misdiagnosed, and this leads to such adverse outcomes that affect them as well as the people they love. This has led to mistrust, which has made them conclude that they can have severe health consequences. However, blacks do not have any issues with race. They have been taught to treat anybody equally. Therefore, when you hire a black psychologist or an African American psychologist, you can trust him or her with your health and life despite the situation that you are going through. One of the black psychologists that you can count on when you need any kind of help is Dr. Christina M. Charlotin, California License Clinical Psychologist. She understands all your fears, so she will not treat you as if you are a nobody.

They do not make people feel as if they are stereotypes

At Dr. Christina M. Charlotin California License Clinical Psychologist, no one will treat you like a lesser person. You can open up to them, and they can offer you all the help that you need without judging you. This is because every African psychologist you will meet has been decided before, unlike any American psychologist who has always been treated as superior to others. Therefore, the African psychologists will offer you the help that you need without making you feel like a stereotype.

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